For more information or to book a reservation, please call or fill out the form.
For a faster response, contact us by phone at (530) 867-4252.

The contact options listed above are reasonable methods for reaching people.

Disclaimer for companies that require one way communication through websites: 

There is a growing trend of businesses, believing they can post something on their website and assume that their clients have received the message. This is an unreasonable way to communicate. Expecting that one could enforce company rules or legal statutes based on this assumption is not supported by law. Nor is it acting in good faith with your clients.

For a company/entity to do this, is unprofessional, and possibly even Fraudulent. 

To that end, our business, and it’s affiliates have developed a policy in response. Any company that requires us to receive their messages by checking their website is hereby required to receive our messages by checking our website. 

The first of these messages is as follows:

If your company has chosen this method of communication, and enforced any rule/levied any punitive measure, you are officially agreeing to our terms of employment.

 As soon as you confirm, your actions, you have hired us as consultants at the posted labor rate of $450 per hour. You will be billed for eight hours a day until you officially respond in a professional manner. Example: by using Mail, fax, email, or many other forms of direct communication. Note: the first piece of advice we offer as consultants is this very message.

We will rescind the charges levied against your company, as soon as you rescind the actions you’ve taken. 

2nd issue:

Most companies and organizations are now recording phone calls “for quality assurance”. Consider this to be notice that we do the same. Any business or government agency that requires the aforementioned website version of communication is here bye required to accept that their phone conversations will be recorded on this end as well.

Thank you for enlisting our consultation services. Please contact us anytime for additional advice. 

We look forward to hearing from you(directly).